BGC USPSA Set Up Crew Sponsorship

Dear Valued Sponsor:

We are currently seeking sponsorship commitments from within the USPSA community to support our set up crew for our monthly matches.   Each person will be awarded one entry for each day of set up they participate in.  At the end of the year we will draw the winners at lunch after our Annual Holiday HoseFest in November!

All levels of sponsorship package will include banner placement on our monthly match stages, on our webpage, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thank you,

Todd Holmes

Match Director

Belton Gun Club USPSA


Stage Sponsor Level

 (6 sponsors for 2023)

A donation of $200.00 cash or equal value merchandise. 

Stage Sponsor will be announced on club website and match social media with embedded links to your site.

Stage Sponsor will be listed on our web page with embedded links to your site.   

Will display banners on the sponsored stage.

Will be announced to each squad during the stage briefing.